Body Painting Day

  • Date
    July 26, 2014
  • Body Painting
    Columbus Circle
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Body Painting Exhibit Takes Over Columbus Circle Magazine

More than 50 nudist models getting painted by 40 body painting artists in the first ever New York City body painting day. But why oh why paint the naked body? “We’re not using nudity as a form of exploitation,” Andy Golub, body painting artist told PIX11. “It’s all about body acceptance, accepting each other as we are.” The 48-year-old body painting artist Andy Golub has been arrested in the past for public lewdness but this Central Park event was clearly on the up and up. The City Parks Department gave him a permit and the NYPD seemed fine with the idea. “New York City is the art capital of the world,” said 61-year-old Joe Churilla said as he had his naked body painted . Lakisha Alston, a nude model from Staten Island, was loving every minute of it, “I get to represent one specimen ,” the African American said. “I am a big girl so there’s lots of canvas to work with.” Rachel DeBoer was both a nude model and a painter. “When people see me, it’s a powerful experience for them,” Rachel said. And while those on the other side of the rope admired the courage of these nudists, many wouldn’t trade places. Linda Oquendo, onlooker, said she’s too shy, but maybe her husband would try. But Pedro shook his head. Next year’s body painting day in the park is expected to include more than one-thousand naked people canvases so stay tuned!

“It’s all about body acceptance, accepting each other as we are.”

Andy Golub